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NATO Space COE, Director COL Sylvain DEBARRE, attended the Alliance Warfare Development Conference held in Norfolk on December 6th and 7th. This major NATO event provided the opportunity to make an update on the main challenges for the Alliance, regarding the future capabilities and the Warfare Development Agenda (WDA), with a focus on Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) and Cross-Domain Command.

NATO’s strategic warfare development Command plays a central role in shaping the future of NATO’s military capabilities. Its mission is to contribute to preserving peace, security, and the territorial integrity of Alliance member states by leading the warfare development of military structures, forces, capabilities, and doctrines. This strategic command ensures that NATO is well-prepared to address evolving security challenges in the ever-changing global landscape. 

Space is obviously an important part of the implementation of these new concepts, and the NATO Space COE is already highly involved in this transformation.


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