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and technology

The Strategy and Technology Advisor Team provides independent advice on all Space related matters for the transformation of NATO, and its Allies. Through critical thinking, and engagements with relevant communities of interest (Industry, Academia, Think-tank, COE’s, Research Centres, National Space Commands, etc.), the S&T advisors capture Space-related trends (Technology, Strategy, military and civilian strands of work) and support the development of Space Strategies. Focusing on innovation, science, research, and disruptive technologies, the S&T advisors strive to support NATO and Allies Warfare Development Initiatives in order to enhance the Alliance’s posture, military structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines.

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The Concept Development and Experimentation Division (CDED) is responsible for initiation, coordination, development, coherence and management of the CD&E and CD&E-related Programs, Projects, and activities. The CDED monitors

and analyses new trends, strategies, processes, procedures and methodologies, and informs organizations’ concept development processes.

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The Doctrine and Standardisation Division (DSD) supports multinational efforts to developing doctrines, publications, and other documents in order to facilitate common understanding in fulfilling Space activities in every operational environment. The DSD is also responsible for supporting and contributing to the development and validation of NATO policies, doctrines and standards which require Space expertise.

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The Education and Training Division (E&TD) will contribute to the delivery and conduct of Specific individual

(e.g. course, seminar) as well as collective solutions to satisfy Education and Training requirements. As the education

and training coordinator for the Space discipline, the E&TD is also a key player for the translation of Space training requirements into solutions.

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The Analysis and Lessons Learned Division (ALLD) is lead agent for the collection and sharing of Space-related lessons. The ALLD support warfare development and warfighting, improving NATO’s ability to operate and adapt, through training, advising and assessment activities, enabling the establishment of effective Lessons Learned capabilities across NATO. The ALLD’s products are key in the development of new Space-related capabilities, and processes.

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