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NATO Space Operations

There is no doubt current North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations depend extensively upon space capabilities and, given NATO trends towards ballistic missile defense, precision, reach-back, communication, and maximum flexibility, the use of space is only likely to increase in the future. In 2012, NATO’s Joint Air Power Competence Center (JAPCC) puts forth a broad framework for a NATO space policy. JAPCC originally developed the proposal and provided it to Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Space Integrated Project Team, known colloquially as the Space IPT. While the Space IPT subsequently decided to suspend its efforts on the policy front, development of a NATO space policy is still worthy of continued investigation...

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What are we?

A NATO-accredited Centre of Excellence (COE) is a multi-nationally or nationally established and sponsored entity, which offers recognized expertise and experience within a defined subject matter area to the benefit of the Alliance within the four pillars of NATO’s COE program which you can discover on our site. The NATO SPACE COE is in charge of the SPACE domain.

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Organizational chart

NATO SPACE COE is driven by a Steering Committee gathering one representative by member state and the NATO SPACE COE Director.

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