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the custodianship of space doctrine

NATO Space COE has the custodianship of Space doctrine since April 2024.


  • In December 2023: the review phase was concluded by the publishment of official Space doctrine task, and the development phase has started.

  • Last month: the custodianship originally covered by CICDE (the French Joint Centre for Concepts, Doctrines and Experiments) was transferred to NATO Space COE at the occasion of a doctrine writing team meeting, hosted by CICDE in the majestic setting of the Ecole Militaire in Paris. 

  • Now: NATO Space COE is proud to take the custodianship of Alliance Space operations doctrine: AJP 3.29.

Why a space doctrine?

In 2019, NATO declared Space as a new operational domain which was followed up with identification of steps necessary to implement this new domain.

One of the steps identified as necessary to fulfill this process was the introduction of a new Space doctrine!


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